DIY 4x AA NiMH Battery Box Mod

I decided it was time for a new mod. I wanted this one to be smaller and cooler (LEDs are so cool) than the last one, so I came up with the idea to put everything in a 4 x AA battery box.

DIY 4x AA eCig NiMH Box Mod

DIY 4x AA eCig NiMH Box Mod uses batteries which are available from your local store.

For this mod you’ll need…

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  • 4x AA Battery Box (I got mine from my local electronics store)
  • 510 Connector (Or connector of your choice)
  • 3 NiMH Batteries
  • LEDs (optional)
  • Resistors (if you’re using LEDs. I used 50 Ohms for blue and 100 Ohms for green)
  • Some Superglue or Epoxy
  • Some extra wire
  • Some tools, like a drill, pliers, soldering iron (and a dremel tool if you’re salvaging an old battery)


4x AA Box Mod Supplies

4x AA Box Mod Core Supplies



And some LEDs if you want them. I salvaged these from some Christmas lights.

Disclaimer: It’s not my fault if you catch on fire or blow up. Be especially careful if you’re salvaging an old 510 connection from an eGo battery, because it could short out and explode or catch on fire.

This mod is really easy to do. I started by removing the plastic cover at the top of the box that covers up the wires and the on/off switch. I took the screw out, and then gently pried it off (because it was glued, but be careful, because you’ll be supergluing this back to the little posts later). Then I pulled the wires that were sticking out of the box back in, because we’re going to use them in this mod.


After removing the top strip.

Since we’re using 3 batteries instead of 4 (and we’ll need this space), I removed the contact the red wire was connected to, and the double contact on the other side (we’ll be drilling where it is).

Removing Contacts

Removing the contacts and putting them where we want them.

The hole for the atomizer is going to go at the bottom. I was able to cut the top off of my burned out eGo battery (yes, eGo batteries hate me, this IS a different 2nd burned out battery), and make the whole the correct size to screw it in using the cone threads. This was nice, because it meant I really didn’t have to use much glue.

4x AA Mod Atomizer Connection Installation

You can see here where I put the atomizer connection.

4x AA Box Mod Atomizer Connection

Close up

4x AA Box Mod Atomizer Connection 2

Another Close Up

Once you have the atomizer connection in, you’ll want to drill a hole for the switch. The only place I could find that would be viable is either on the side of the case, or coming out of the back. I chose the side.

4x AA Box Mod Switch Hole

Switch hole in the side.

By putting it in the side, it did make it a little tricky to get the switch in, but you can get it in easy enough by gently bending the posts on the bottom with pliers and then gently pushing it in with pliers/your fingers.

4x AA Box Mod Switch

Installing the switch. Notice I had to bend the posts some.

4x AA Box Mod Switch 2


Once the switch is in, you can drill holes for LEDs if you’re going to use them.

LED Holes

LED Holes

You can use one or two. I used two. One is on all the time when the power is one (green) and the other one comes on when you press the button to vape (blue). You can use whatever colors you like.

You’ll probably want to use an LED calculator to get the resistor values for the LEDs. I used a 50 ohms (blue LED) and a 100 ohms (green LED) resistors.

Once you get the LEDs in, it’s time to start wiring things.

4x AA NiMH Box Mod Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram (Click for Full Size)

There’s the wiring diagram, and this is what my wiring looks like. You can pretty much see how everything was soldered together:

4x AA NiMH Box Mod Wiring

My Wiring (Click for Full Size)

The glob on the top left is the negative terminal. The red wires go to the positive terminal, which is connected to the top of the last battery. The positive is soldered to the center post of the atomizer, and the negative is soldered to the outside.

Once everything is soldered together, you can put some glue around the atomizer to hold it in place, and some around the back of the LEDs so they don’t fall out.

4x AA NiMH Box Mod

Master switch on, not vaping

4x AA NiMH Box Mod

Master switch on, vaping

I actually bought a normally closed switch and had to replace it with a normally open switch, so pay attention when you’re buying the switch 🙂

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  1. nick corso says:

    very cool I will give it try minus the led’s

  2. brian says:

    Pretty good idea. Nice and simple and very affordable.

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